Follow us on our journey and travel around the world…


Most of my friends were very excited, when they heard the news about the trip. However; some of you, (you know, who you are, ha-ha) ask me WHY? and that really caught me of guard… I’m thinking WHY NOT???
So I decide to share with you some reasons WHY to do this trip.

  1. See the world through your own eyes.
  2. Try authentic foods you would never try otherwise.
  3. Learn other cultures and languages. 
  4. Experience freedom, no schedules, flexible plans. 
  5. Drive on the other side of the road, that can be fun!
  6. Explore amazing architecture and sights.
  7. discover things you didn’t know you liked.
  8. Make friends all over the world.
  9. Do something that most people will never do, but wish they did.
  10. Appreciate what you have, when you come back. 
  11. Annoy your friends by yelling: ” I was there” when watching a movie.  
  12. Tell great stories to your kids about your travels.

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