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Bangkok here we come!

It was time to say goodbye to Ayutthaya our home base for a few days. We were only one hour away from Bangkok, but prices in Ayutthaya were a lot cheaper than in Bangkok. We explored North Thailand and were returning to Bangkok to meet my highschool friend Patty and her boyfriend Mark. I was very excited!

We took the train to Bangkok, and then a taxi to our hostel. but the taxi driver dropped us off at a near by mall, because he didn’t really know the hostel location. So we had to drag our bags around town until we found it. We stayed at Lub-D Hostel near National Stadium. The Hostel and it’s location were great; check out my review on tripadvisor.

After checking in and freshening up, we went to pick up Patty and Mark at the Airport link station. Patty told me that they were arriving at a certain time, but they didn’t show up until 2 hours later. I was really worried and even called the hostel to check online if the airplane had arrived. Once Patty arrived, she confessed that she gave me the wrong arrival time. I was too happy to see her to get upset.

We decided to go for dinner and my first idea was… of course Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok, located walking distance from our hostel. Mark was so nice… he treated us to dinner!


Office Visit, Bank of China Tower, and HRC

My company has an office in Hong Kong, so I decided to contact them to visit. A couple of emails later, the principal was kind enough to receive us on a short notice, as it was the only day we could do it. We had a little trouble finding the address, but we made it on time. The office was lovely and bigger than I expected it.  Alex L. is the Executive Director responsible for business development throughout Asia. He was really nice and gave us a tour of the office before going for lunch. Trying to get a taxi was the hardest part of the whole experience! Once we got one, we went to the Chinese Recreation Club of Hong Kong, where Alex ordered a great array of Cantonese food. It was delicious; I think the best food we ate in China. We had a great conversation about architecture and construction in USA and Asia. This meeting was the highlight of our time in Hong Kong. Alex left us we some great advise on where to go and what to do the rest of our trip.

One of the best things of Hong Kong is that you can walk everywhere; nothing is too far. So we left the office and started walking to the financial center. We learned that since the Hard Rock Café had closed, they opened a store at the Peak…yes we were there the day before, but I didn’t know then that the HRC store was there. We wanted to go back to visit the Bank of China Tower observatory, that was closed the day before. On our way there, we pass through a mall (to cool down with aircon) and I found the coolest bathrooms ever; Look at the pictures! I had to wait for a while until there was no one in the room to take the pictures.

The day was a little cloudy, but we still got a nice view from the observatory, best part …it was free! After that we took a taxi to the Peak. I finally got a hold of my Hong Kong Hard Rock Cafe Shot… I was so happy. I started telling the cashier my failed attempted to find the HRC, and she laughed and told us that the new hard rock cafe was opened in Lan Kwai Fong, which was recommended by Alex, to go people watch. OMG…now I had to go there…I couldn’t leave Hong Kong without visiting this HRC.  We decided to take a bus, but were not sure which one, so I asked a girl for help. She was so helpful and told us she was going that way.  In the bus we started talking to Rachael, who turned out to be a personal trainer from the UK, she moved to Hong Kong a few years ago. She even got off the bus with us to show us our way to the HRC. She was so nice! We walked around Soho and rode the Central–Mid-levels escalators in Hong Kong, which is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. The entire escalator system covers over 800 meters in distance and elevates over 135 meters from bottom to top. It was constructed in 1993 to provide a better commute by linking Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island.

After that we finally made to the Hard Rock café, we were seated right away thanks to my All Access Card. The funny thing is that they sat another 2 couples with us on the same table. It was weird, but we got to meet some new people. It was a Friday and there was live music; we had a great time.