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Amazing Day: Crafts, Fruits and Locals

We had been going to bed really late for a while,so it was really hard to get Ryan to wake up at 8am! As we were ordering breakfast to go, we realized that we missed the 9am train. The next train was at 10:45am. At 11am we finally boarded the 3rd class train… No more air conditioning or assigned seats. Luckily the train ride was only 10 min. After a tuk tuk ride (motorcycle taxi), we arrived at the Bang Pa-in Palace.

The palace was really nice; different buildings had different architecture… It felt a little bit like being in Epcot Center… when you go from country to country. We went from a Thai style pavilion and shrine, to a Swiss style residence hall, a Chinese royal residence, and a neoclassic style mansion. All buildings were restored beautifully and kept pristine. You have to take your shoes off every time you enter a building and I had to wear a Thai skirt for one of the buildings.

We really enjoyed the visit to the palace, even though it was extremely hot. Once we arrived at the air-conditioned cafeteria, we did not want to leave to our next sight. We ordered our new favorite: iced Thai tea, and I observed a Thai girl making flowers with plastic ribbons. As curious as I am, I sat next to her to watch and asked her questions. It turns out, that this flower are make as offerings to Buddha, and also donations; each flower has a coin inside. Little did I know I was going to spend the rest of the afternoon learning how to make the flowers. Ryan didn’t complain since he did not want to go out into the heat. These girls, cafe employees, were so nice, they taught me 2 different flowers, and all the sudden, we got a plate of fresh fruit, sent by the owner of the cafe.

Later they called the security lady to show me how to make more complicated flowers. As they were closing the cafe, the owner send me another free drink: iced coffee… Yummy. We took some pictures before we had to leave because they were closing. Had such a great time with the locals. 

Before we took our train back to Ayutthaya, we went to Wat Niwet Thamaprawat, a buddhist temple, designed as a gothic cathedral… the best part, we had to cross the river with a monk operated cable car! 


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