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Ayuthaya by Bike… Not so Easy!

After a rough arrival to Ayuthaya, we were ready to explore it. We had an amazing time in Old Sukhothai by bike, so we decided to rent a bike in Ayuthaya too.  Our Guesthouse Baan Are Gong was located on the other side of the river. To get to the town center, we had to either cross the river with a ferry or climb a huge bridge. We quickly realized that Ayuthaya was much bigger than Old Sukhothai and that the traffic here was heavier. Even though Ryan wanted to do the Bridge, after looking at the traffic, I convinced him to take the ferry.

Once on the other side of the river, we followed the Lonely planet cycling tour; the distances were long and the heat of the day was killing us… mental note: Start biking tours early!!!

Our first stop was the Ayuthaya Historical Center. This was an interesting building surrounded by a pond. It was a modern building with Thai influence. Later, we went to the TAT office (Tourist Authority of Thailand). It took us a while to find the building; when we arrived, the building was closed. It was a brand new building that looked abandoned. Luckily, we saw a sign that said that the TAT was relocated to a building next door. The temporary TAT office was a traditional Thai House. It was beautiful. The best part was the air conditioning. We sat down and enjoyed a nice video. The TAT employees were really nice, they answered all our questions and gave us some free maps. While we were resting, they shared with us their fried banana flower chips, it was really good. I liked it so much that I asked them where to get it. These girls were awesome; they gave me the whole bag to keep.

We left to our next stop Wat Chaiwatthanaram, one of Ayuthaya’s most well known temples located along the Chao Phraya river. We really enjoyed our visit. As we were leaving, we met 2 Spanish travellers, so we rode bikes together back to our guesthouses, they were staying next door to us.

We coordinated to rent a boat together to see Ayuthaya at night. As we were waiting for our new friends, it started to rain…heavily. We started to step backwards to stay dry and all of a sudden we found ourselves inside of a restaurant that was closed, but the owners were there. They offer us food and so we ordered. They gave us free soup and dessert! They were really nice. We had to cancel our boat trip… the rain didn’t stop for hours.


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