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Stranded at Ayuthaya’s Highway

We had a great time in Sukhothai, and after having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same restaurant, The Coffee Cup, we kept discovering new amazing Thai dishes! We wished we could stay longer, but we had  to keep going to get to Bangkok on time to meet my friend Patricia and her boyfriend.

Our next destination was Ayuthaya, about 6 hours south by bus. We bought our tickets and we were on our way. We were dropped off on the side of a highway (like I-95) with our 2 backpacks. Ryan looked at the map to find our location and realized that we were about 15 min away from our accommodation. We asked around and the locals told us that the only way to get there was by motorbike. We looked at each other and laught…our only option was to hire 2 motorbikes, and load our backpacks the best we could. The drivers were racing each other… and zig zagged around cars. Luckily we arrived safe to the guesthouse before dark.

Later, we took the ferry to the town and visited the night market. We love to try the local dishes at the fast food joints, so we ended up eating at KFC. We had a chicken with green curry and another Thai chicken dish… both really spicy but delicious.  


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