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Wat Phra that Doi Suthep

It was time to leave Chiang Mai for our next destination. Even though we were a little burned out on Temples, I convinced Ryan to see another one: Wat Phra that Doi Suthep, located in the mountains about one hour away from Chiang Mai. We had to wake up early and hire a  Songthaew (pick-up truck with covered bed with seats); we avoided renting a motorbike whenever we could.

Once we arrived to Wat Phra that Doi Suthep, we took the tram up to the temple, because the guidebook said it was a “strenuous staircase”. Later, when we were leaving, we realized the staircase wasn’t that bad; we could have climbed it easily. we wasted 40 baht ($1.30) hahaha.

As soon as we arrived to the top platform, we were surprised by a free Thai dancing performance by a girls dancing school. I love cultural dances… so I really enjoyed it. Their outfits were so beautiful and they danced so gracefully, it was a delight to watch. The younger girls bent backwards all the way to the floor and put their heads between their legs; the older ones also bent but only picked up a paper bill with their mouths. Ryan had to force me to stop watching the performance to keep me on schedule.

The temple was busy with shoeless locals making offerings and tourists snapping pictures; everybody must remove their shoes before entering a buddhist temple. The gold Chedi was the main attraction and buddhists were walking around it while “praying”. I also spotted a big group of monks taking pictures around the temple, so I took one of them too.

After visiting the temple and admiring the views from Chiang Mai, we headed back to the guesthouse to check out. We wanted to have lunch and to catch our bus to Sukhothai at 3pm.


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