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A Party in our Mouths… Discovering Real Thai Food

Our time with elephants was over before we knew it. We were hungry again… we burned a lot of energy all day. We turned to for restaurant suggestions. We started realizing that lonely planet recommendations were outdated after not finding restaurants that were listed and seeing better, centrally located guesthouses for the same or less than what we were paying.  

This is how we found Lissan Food restaurant rated #1 at that time. Most dishes were 50 baht (less than $2), we were so excited! The food was delicious, Ryan got Laab Issan, spicy minced meat with fresh herbs and lime, and I ordered Keang Kaew Wan, green curry. Right there we fell in love with Thai food, and finally understood why people are always raving about it. We liked Thai food before, but always ordered Pad Thai noodles, because it is a tasty and safe choice. After that we decided to try as many different dishes as we could during our time in Thailand. Here I also discovered my new favorite drink Thai Tea…Yummmy. I had to order a second one; I couldn’t stop drinking it.

After a lovely dinner, we walked around Chiang Mai and admired the remains of the gorgeous brick city wall. As the sun came down, we decided to get a sweet treat. We went to McDonald’s hoping to get a cheap ice cream. We also love to look at the menus for items only found in that country. In Thailand we found corn, broccoli and Pineapple pies instead of apple pie.


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