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A Day with Elephants

After our close encounter with Tigers, we had another amazing experience: we spend a day with elephants at Baanchang Elephant Park in Chiang Mai. This was not a zoo. We fed, rode and bathed with elephants!
The park is currently home to 17 elephants including 2 babies.

We started by learning how to approach the elephants, then we fed them sugar cane and bananas. We even learned that when elephants are well fed and healthy, their droppings don’t stink… Ryan can confirm this… he smelled it. 

Later, we learned how to get on top of them and ride them. I was really scared and my elephant kept moving and moving; it was scary!
I thought: “I don’t want to do it again”, but they convinced me that the other elephants were better, and thank God I tried it again.
We did a small test ride and learned the commands to walk, stop, and turn!

After a nice lunch break, we started our ride with our elephants. Ryan went in front as the driver and I was the passenger. It was awesome, but at times scary especially when going down hill.  Elephants scratch their bodies with the trees, so every time we walked near trees I had to lift my legs.

To finish our nice day, we thanked our elephants by giving them a bath. Elephant’s skin is really thick, therefore we had to brush them really hard… They loved it! What a wonderful experience!


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