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Be Careful What You Wish For…

After a happening afternoon with tigers, Ryan decided to honor my wish to get a Thai massage. I had been torturing Ryan since the start of our trip…”I can’t wait to go to Thailand and get a $5 Massage”.

On our way back from Tiger Kingdom, we asked to be dropped off at Tripadvisor’s #1 attraction in Chiang Mai: Fah Lanna Massage. A 1-hour Thai Massage was only 200 baht (about $7). This little massage place was nicely decorated;  it was almost full when we arrived and packed when we left. We started with a nice foot massage, and later got the famous Thai massage.

I fell on stairs about 10 days before in Shanghai and couldn’t sit straight since. My rear end was still hurting, so I ask the masseuse to be careful with that area. She could not speak English fluently and didn’t understand… I think, because she really focused on that area. Ryan, who was laying right next to me getting his massage, was laughing every time he heard me sigh from pain… After this massage I concluded that I should get another Thai massage only if:

  1. If I start doing Yoga or Pilates on a regular basis, so I can stretch that way.
  2. If I love pain
  3. If I can communicate with my masseuse

After this Ryan had a good time laughing and kept asking me every 2 hours, if I wanted another Thai massage.

Later, we walked around Chiang Mai and found the night market.


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