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The Start of Our Unplanned Journey.

Up to this point, our entire trip was defined by our flights. We didn’t have exact itineraries or hostel bookings, but we had flight dates, that determined how many days we were spending in every country. From this point on, we had no more flights except our return flight. We had 2 more months to explore Asia and a lot of flexibility.

I’m always the one who plans the trips and gets all worried and stressed out. During this entire journey, Ryan has done all the work… pretty sweet deal! We have this list, I created before the trip of all the places we want to go and as soon as we get to the country, we organize an itinerary that includes as much as we can. Then Ryan reserved hotels and figures out transportation. He has done a great job; I only make sure he stays in budget. So far we used Lonely planet guides exclusively and it worked pretty well. The only disadvantage is that there is not a lot of pictures, so sometimes you expect something different than what you get.


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