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A Vacation from Vacation

After about 2 months of travelling, we needed a little break from backpacker hostels. And after the horrible stay at HK hostel, we decided to book a nice hotel in Macau. Macau is another Independent state of China. This one was controlled by the Portuguese rather than the British. We were very excited to see a Chinese territory were Portuguese was spoken, and the food is a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese, called Macanese…we were really looking forward the next 2 days.

We got a really good deal on a Mandarin Oriental 5 stars Hotel; we got 50% off the regular price as we booked from a website promoting Macau Tourism. But the main reason we book this particular hotel, located a little bit off the main area, was the gorgeous pool. We were planning on two days of fun in the pool.

To get to Macau we had to take a ferry, for about 45 minutes from Hong Kong. As soon as we arrived hotel staff was waiting for us and a shuttle bus pick us up. We were offered bottled water and in the blink of an eye, we were at a gorgeous hotel lobby that had Louis Vuitton and Prada boutiques. Our bags were picked up by the staff and we were checking in. I thought I can get used to this service right away!

I shared with the check-in staff that Ryan and I were celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary… I just didn’t say that the actual anniversary day was 2 months before! Hahaha. We were upgraded to a pool view room with balcony! It was an amazing big room, with a plate of fresh fruit every day. I even got to request which fruit I wanted for the next day.

We were so tired, that we took a shower and just fell asleep. The bed was so confortable that we couldn’t even lift up our heads. Later, we decided to go to the grand opening of a new casino in Macau, The Galaxy Macau. We took the free shuttle bus to the Bellagio, and walked to the Galaxy. The Casino had really nice interiors, but was packed; we walked around for a little bit and left…we are not big gamblers.  We went to the Venetian, walked around and left to the Hard Rock Hotel and casino! That was the real target; I needed to keep my glass collection growing. At around 11 pm, I was really tired and I wanted to go back to the hotel. That comfy bed was calling my name.

The next day we woke up early and it was a gloomy and rainy day, so we decided to explore the city. As soon as we decided to leave, it started raining hard. So we went back to the hotel room and watch a movie and waited for the rain to stop. Somehow after the movie we fell asleep again and only woke up one hour before the Macanese Restaurant in the Hotel closed. We were the last to be served. The food was amazing! I was happy I got to try it at least once.

The next day, we checked out earlier and took the ferry straight to the Hong Kong Airport to catch our flight to Bangkok. Even though we did not follow our plans of enjoying the pool, and we didn’t really see a lot of Macau, These 2 days were so nice; we relaxed and we rested…and we really needed a break.


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