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The Other Happiest Place on Earth

Ryan and I love Disneyworld in Florida, and recently we visited Disneyland in California and loved it too! So we were really happy to be able to visit another Disney Park. We decided we can now be called officially “Disney freaks”!

Hong Kong Disneyland was opened in 2005 and is the smallest park. We were told that HK Disneyland was not as good as others, but we loved it! We had such a good time; we enjoyed that it wasn’t that crowded. Even though the park has a lot of similarities to other parks, you feel you are in a different place, first of all because you are surrounded by Asian people and everything is in Chinese and English. I felt there was more interaction between employees/entertainers with guests. I think because the park is smaller, they have more entertainers around. For example, there was a guy doing Disney characters with balloons, another one painting Disney characters with water and a broom, a group of performers playing music with garbage cans, employees giving away stickers, and so on.

The shows were different too. They had a wonderful show called the Golden Mickeys, which was amazing. The funny part was that there were big signs and spoken instructions to not take pictures during the show…but everybody (all Chinese) were doing it anyways, so I joined in!

Another wonderful show was Stitch Encounter, where many guests interact with Stitch Live; it was really funny, the best part was that they chose Ryan to do some of the talking. We had a blast! Stitch was really funny! They had some shows in English and many in Chinese.

The food in the park was different than in Florida or California, they had a lot of Asian snacks and meals. So it was fun to discover other flavors.

We decided to get our silhouette made. I got distracted talking to the ambassador of Peru in China, who was vacationing with his family in Hong Kong. When I saw the silhouette and didn’t like it because it was not centered I the frame. So I went back to the shop and the artist redid the silhouette until I was happy. I went to customer relations desk to leave and good comment for him. We ended up talking to the representative that used to work in Disneyworld, Florida and she was really nice and gave us some cute gifts!  We had a wonderful day in the “other” happiest place on earth.



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