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Hong Kong Island

Our luck was over, and we had to change to the 4-Bed dorms. The rooms were small dark and stinky…worst hostel ever! However, we spend so little time in the hostel that was not really an issue.

We decided to go first to the Peak Tower to get our bearings and see the city from the top. We took the subway and walked around the financial center to get to the famous Peak tram station. Around this area you can admire new and modern architecture, such the Bank of China Tower by I.M.Pei, The HSBC Main Building, by Lord Norman Foster, the Cheung Kong Center, by Cesar Pelli and Leo A Daly.

We saw a peaceful protest going on outside the Bank of China Tower, we didn’t understand the reason, but we confirmed that in Hong Kong unlike China, there is freedom of expression. One of the signs read in Spanish “HK centro financiero esta muerto” (“HK Financial Center is dead”)

After a rather short ride in the Tram we arrived to the Peak Tower. The Observatory, Sky Terrace, is in on the top floor and you have to walk through 4 floors of shops before getting there; including a Madame Tussands museum… very smart move hahaha. Ryan’s research discovered that if we bought our Disney tickets at the peak tower shop we would get a gift! Not only we got a gift, but also we got excellent customer service and great advice on when to go and how to save money. We love Disney and we were very excited. We also found a coffee shop selling Peruvian coffee. The views from the Sky Terrace were nice, although the day was cloudy and gloomy. You could see Victoria Harbour and the skyscrapers of Kowloon and HK Island on one side and the ocean on the other. We had a good time.

After lunch, we decided to walk down hill instead of taking the tram again. It was really hot, but the tree canopy made it bearable, and we had a little bit of rain which was refreshing! The buildings along the hill were really nice, and exclusive. Ryan fell in love with a Lamborghini parked along other expensive cars in the garage of a really nice house. To top it off, we wandered into the middle of a park with a FREE Zoo.

Later, we walked around Hong Kong on the elevated walkways, it was really cool to be able to go from building to building along this bridges. We walked all the way to the Hong Kong Convention Center to watch the sunset from the 5th floor, but there was a convention and we could reach the 5th floor.  We still got to walk around the building. As we were leaving the convention center A Symphony of Lights show started. This time we were on the other side of the Victoria Harbour.


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