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A Taste of Pudong’s Modern Architecture

It was time to jump to a ferry and cross the river were very again to visit Pudong. This time we wanted to see the modern architecture. Pudong area was developed very quickly in the last 20 years.  We excited to go to the Sky walk of the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), currently the tallest building in china and the tallest observation deck in the world.

As we walked to the SWFC, we saw the construction site for the new tallest building, the Shanghai Tower, which will be completed in 2014 and will be 632 meters high.

The SWFC has an amazing exhibition on the development of Shanghai in comparison to other mayor cities. Also there was an amazing model physical model of Shanghai. (look at the pictures)

Once in the elevator, we felt our ears pop many times as the elevator went up to the first observatory on the 94th floor, later we went to the next observatory bridge in the 97th floor, and lastly to the Skywalk on the 100th floor. The skywalk is located on the top of the aperture, some areas of the floor are glass, so you can see the buildings below… the views were amazing!

The best kept secret of the tower, is the “best view and highest toilet in the world” hahaha…look at the pictures!!! Wall to wall glass… privacy??? I don’t know about that… but best views for sure!

After and amazing morning, we started getting hungry, so went to the bottom floors of the SWFC, where we found a mall and a food court… very convenient. We ended up having lunch at subway…after 3 weeks in China subway sounded very appealing.

As soon as we left the SWFC Building we saw the Jin Mao Tower, the second tallest building in Pudong, famous for people attempting to climbing it. Actually in 2001 and in 2007 2 people climb it, the second one was arrested and put in jail for 5 days until being expelled from china.

We continued our tour walking towards the Oriental Tower, the pinkish TV tower easily recognized in the Shanghai Skyline, some love it; and some hate it.


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