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Shanghai Bund and Pudong

In the afternoon we went to the famous area of the Bund, where many historical buildings, that once housed banks and trading houses as well as consulates and hotels, line up along the Huangpu River. As we walked along the river walk, the sun started going down, and the lights of the building tuning on. It was such a contrast between the old historical Bund and the new modern Pudong just divided by the river.

After enjoying a nice stroll through the Bund, we took a ferry boat to Pudong on the other side of the river. Pudong’s famous skyline with tall illuminated buildings is relatively new. It seems impossible that only 20 years ago, Pudong was mainly farmland and today Pudong is China’s financial and commercial hub.

Once there, we started looking for a place to have dinner. We found a nice place on the water overlooking the Bund. Dinner was really good, but the desserts were to die for! Yes I’m talking about the price! … just kidding.

On our way back, we were too tired to walk all the way to the ferry, so we took the sightseeing tunnel back to the bund. You might be wondering…what’s a sightseeing tunnel? It is a pedestrian tunnel under the river. The tunnel is decorated with lights and special effects. So when you cross the tunnel in the small powered vehicle you can see the lights projected in the tunnel. It is pretty pathetic and very expensive…tourist trap!


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