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Exploring Shanghai

Finally, the stress was over and with my new camera on hand, we started our walking tour around Shanghai.  

We started by going to the people’s Square. As we were walking around the park on our way to the Shanghai Museum, we spotted the Haitong Securities Building, build by Leo A Daly, The company I work for. Here is a link to the website

That was a real surprise; I always see the building in our marketing material but didn’t expect to see it in person.

Later, we went to the Shanghai museum, where we caught a much needed aircon break.  We saw amazing exhibitions; my favorites were: The Minority Nationalities costumes, jewelry, dioramas, and ceremonial creations, the Ming and Qing dynasties furniture, and the Chinese Coins.  

While admiring the modern skyline of Shanghai, the unexpected happed…the highlight of our trip… we saw SUPERMAN, yes it was him; I have proof… look at the pictures below.

We continued by walking along Nanjing street, and window shopping all the way back to our hostel.


One response

  1. klongtok

    Hehehe… very funny, i actually was looking for a guy flying above the pictures of the building… how naive

    July 7, 2011 at 11:56 am

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