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Shopping for a Camera …Bargaining

We were only staying in Shanghai for 3 days and then flying to Hong Kong, where electronics are significantly cheaper, but I didn’t want to miss any pictures.

By the time we arrived to the hostel from the train station, it was almost dark. We checked in dropped off the suitcases and left to shop for a camera. We couldn’t find the same camera I had before, in china they had different models and prices were much more expensive than US prices. We found a similar camera, but newer model in a department store, but we decided to keep looking for a cheaper price. We walked for long time, but never found the stores that were recommended to us. It was passed 9pm and all stores started closing.

The next day we started early and went to Century City, which Ryan read about online. It is a cluster of electronic stores all together. This place was known for bargaining…My favorite thing! We finally agreed on a price for my new Sony camera after bargaining in 3 different stores. The funny thing was that after all this; we ended up paying the same as the first store the day before…only we wasted half a day, but I got a free protective film cover for my new camera. It’s all about the experience. Best buy just to have a store in century city but when we went it was closed…I guess they couldn’t compete with the prices.

My new camera is amazing; it has new features such as vertical or horizontal panoramic pictures. However; since I bought it in China the GPS feature, that my previous camera had, was not an option. (It is not allowed by law)

After all that hard work, we went to the food court and got some food… the only problem was that this was not a touristic place… so there were no translations of the food. We just looked for the best looking food and hoped for the best.


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