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Lost or Stolen…We Will Never Know.

We had a wonderful time in Yangshuo, walking around the busy streets and barganing with local vendors. I love barganing, but here it is out of control! You have to start at about 30% of the price they give you to end up paying 50%. You can buy Lolex (rolex), Kippling bags, purses…you name it. We were not buying anything, except for small souveniers for our Christmas tree. We had still a long way to travel and we didn’t want to carry more stuff.

After checking out from our hostel, we said good bye to our new friend Mickey, the reception boy, and headed to the bus station to Guilin. As we left Yangshuo, I took some last pictures of the beautiful scenery.

In Guilin we went back to our previous hostel to pick up our bags. We took a little break and left to the train station to catch our overnight train to Shanghai.

As we are waiting for our train to shanghai, I realized that my digial camera was not in my bag . I quickly went back to the security check thinking that I dropped the camera there, but I didn’t find it. I had to board the train to Shanghai, because it was leaving in 10 min. I was sad and couldn’t believe it…I have never lost a camera. Maybe it was stolen… I guess we will never know. The last thing I remember was taking a picture in Yangshuo before taking the train.

At the same time, I was so happy that I had backed up all my pictures the day before. I just lost the pictures of the show impressions…and the camera… which is replaceable.


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