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My Birthday In Yangshuo

After our amazing bamboo raft trip, a truck transport, and a bus ride, we finally arrived to Yangshuo. We decided to get a nice hotel room for my birthday, so we stayed at the Hung Fu Palace Hotel…yes I said Hotel. After unpacking we left to get something for lunch. We were really hungry!

After a lot of walking, we ended up having lunch at a cooking school that also had a restaurant called Cloud 9. The food was delicious! Our favorite was the dessert; Fried Bananas with honey. The restaurant is located on a second floor. We sat on the balcony, where we had amazing views of the town. It was the perfect place for people watching.

After an amazing lunch we headed back to the hotel. We were exhausted. I took a nap while Ryan enjoyed cable TV. Later, after I woke up, Ryan got me a tiramisu cake with a candle! They store apparently didn’t have a candle #2, so Ryan took a #5 and flipped it. It looked so cute.

Later, we walked around the town, and enjoyed the nice ambiance of the town. We stayed in a street that is full of stores, restaurants and hotels, so there was people walking, shopping and partying. We had a great time!


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