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Amazing Li River Journey in Bamboo Raft

We woke up early and packed our bags. We knew we were leaving to Yangshuo but we had not made any reservation. We ordered breakfast at our hostel and while waiting for the food we were able to reserve a Bamboo Raft trip to Yangshuo. In less than an hour we were going to be picked up for the tour. We arranged to leave one of the suitcases in Guilin at the hostel storage and only took with us.

We had not figured out how to catch our flight out of Beijing. We really didn’t have time to get by train all the way to Beijing if we wanted to spend time in Shanghai. Changing my flight to leave from Shanghai was going to cost a minimum of $125 + Ticket price difference. So I decided to look online for airfares from Shanghai to Beijing. I thought if I could find a ticket cheaper than $125, we were better off than changing the entire itinerary. I was very happy to find a ticket for $115. While I was filling out the information to pay for the tickets online, our tour arrived to pick us up. I got nervous, but managed to pay with the credit card quickly.

Our journey started with the bus packed with tourists, after they picked us up, they stopped at 2 other hostels to get more people. Some people had to sit on the bus floor! After a 30-minutes ride, the bus dropped us off at the Dock, where we started our bamboo raft trip.

This was a priceless experience. It was like looking at one of those chinese paintings showing rivers with foggy mountains…but better! The raft moved slowly making it easier to enjoy the amazing scenery around us. I couldn’t believe I was spending my birthday cruising between the karst formations in Guilin. We really enjoyed this relaxing 2hr trip. We even saw the scenery shown in the 20 yuen note, located between Xingping and Yangshuo.

After the breathtaking ride, we were dropped off at a dock, where a motor bike picked us up and took us for about 30 minutes to another location, where we boarded a final bus to Yangshuo. The bus tried to charge us, even though the tour included all fees. Luckily for us, one of the guys in our raft spoke chinese and he translated for us.


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  1. I’m not sure what is going on with the June photos but a slide show isn’t available. When you click on the picture, it opens in a new window as an enlargement but no option to go to the next slide…just click out and then click on another picture that does the same. The others had a slide option and you could comment under each photo but not now. You only have the comment area under the group of pictures, like I’m doing now. Did you upload them different or is the web site having issues? the thumbnails are too small and the enlargements are a bother.

    June 15, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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