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Lost in Guilin

By this time we were experts on boarding the train and buying train tickets. So as soon as we arrived to Guilin, we bought our tickets to Shanghai. We didn’t know, if we wanted to stay in Guilin or go straight to Yangshuo, so decided to go to a hostel and get some information.

We went to the bus stop and waited for the free bus that never showed up. I asked a girl for an alternate bus and she took us under her wing and even let us know, when to get off the bus. Guilin has universities so there are a lot of Chinese students willing to practice their English.

Once we got off the bus, we started walking to the hotel. We walked for a while and couldn’t find it. I stopped and started asking people on the streets, who didn’t speak English. They were able to show us our location in the map.

When we arrived to the Hostel, we were so tired and sweaty, that we decided to stay in Guilin for a night and head to Yangshuo the next day. We took a cheap 6-bed dorm room, took a shower and headed out to explore the city. As we were walking down this touristy street a guy started talking to us out of the blue. He told us he was visiting his brother and started making conversation. We quickly realized he was trying to scam us, but we didn’t know how. He knew way too much about the city to be just visiting. We sat down in the first decent restaurant we found and politely said good-bye. We had been warned already by fellow travellers and also Lonely Planet book of many scams. So we were not going to let it happen to us.  

After lunch we went to the Solitary Beauty Peak, we climb up and saw the city from above and the karst formations on the horizon. Later we walked along the lake and saw the sun go down. The Banyan Lake pagodas at night looked stunning.

We ended the night by shopping at the night market. They close one side of the main road for the night market. We did some bargaining and bought own mini Mahjong game.


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