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Yunnan Minority Village

We were sad that it was our last day in Kunming; we were leaving in late afternoon to Guilin. We decided to do something touristy and go to the Yunnan Minorities Village. There are more than 26 different ethnic minorities living in the Yunnan province. The Village displays each minority particularities in terms of language, religion, attire, eating habits, the way of travelling, festivities, marriage, birth and burial customs. It was a unique experience.

The park felt a little bit like being in Epcot Center’s World Expo, where you go from country to country, in this case from minority to minority. The only problem was that we could not understand anything because all the shows were in Chinese; only main signs were translated to English. Our problem didn’t last long, while we were watching a show, a young Chinese approached us and started talking to us. He was a college student that wanted to practice his English. Gu or Google, his nickname, translated everything to us from that point on. He was very nice, we even exchanged emails and he sent us some advice for our next destination.  

Ryan kept surprising me. At the Minorities village, he participated in a dance. He is very talkative and even starts conversations with other travellers.

We left early so we could have lunch before going to the train station.


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