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Western Hills Picnic, Kunming, China

We were having an amazing time with Gloria and Checker just experiencing life in China. We just went along everywhere they went.  

That day was a Chinese holiday and Gloria and Checker were invited to a picnic at the Western Hills. Checker assured there was no hiking involved; we were happy since we are not big hikers.

Getting there was half the fun. Checker was directed to follow a bus, which would take us to the entrance, where the group was waiting. We followed the bus all the way to what we thought was the last stop and we never found the entrance. After many phone calls, missed calls, and driving back and forth, we gave up and decided to try one more time or leave. On the last try, we finally saw Checker’s friend, who guided us to the entry.

We were so happy we made it! Happiness didn’t last long, when we realized we had to climb up the hills. I was not prepared at all; I was wearing flip flops. I had twisted my ankle in the Philippines and didn’t want to repeat the episode. After half an hour climbing, we realized that we were going to be hiking for hours…not the plan. Apparently, there had been a misunderstanding between the Filipino and Chinese friends; Chinese are used to climb all the way up to the top of the hills, that’s why they go to the Western Hills. Checker didn’t want to climb either, because we were planning to only stay for a little. After a couple of phone calls, we found a place to stay.

We started by introducing ourselves and thanking God for this wonderful opportunity to meet other fellow Christians. We had a lot of fun playing games, eating Chinese and Filipino food, and having fellowship. Ryan even won some prices on the games! I finally tried the seasoned chicken feet hat we saw all over china…especially on the train rides. (I didn’t like it much)

On our way back, I decided to hire a donkey…bad idea. I was so scared the whole time. The donkey owner took us about 5 minutes and said that we had to pay more if we wanted to keep going…Perfect! I didn’t want to go on anyways. I ended up just walking down the hill.  

Later that day, we went to Jireh Garden Steak House Restaurant, the restaurant Checker is part owner. We had a wonderful dinner. Checker and Gloria picked up the tab for us. We had an amazing day!


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