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A Full Day in Kunming

Checker and Gloria, Ryan’s friends, offered to pick us up from the train station. We were outside for a little bit but we couldn’t find each other. We realized a few minutes later that we were standing on a side entrance and they were waiting on the main entrance.

We had a nice welcome. First, they took us to Nissi Holiday Hotel, owned by their friend Dominic. We stayed in a nice suite; probably the best place we stayed up to that point. The suite had a desk area, a living room with a large flat TV, a kitchenette, and a new western restroom. The best part, we got it for the same price as a dorm room! Thanks Checker!

Once we dropped off the bags, we went to a Chinese restaurant. We had delicious dumplings. The funny thing is that restaurants charge an arm and a leg for drinks. So we bought some next door and they were ok with it.

Later we went to Gloria and Checkers apartment, which is located in a really nice and quiet residential area close to our hotel. Gloria served us a huge ice cream …yum. We had such a good time talking to people that live in china, we started understanding Chinese people a lot more.

A little bit later, Gloria and Checker took us to Green Lake Park, when we arrived there; there were a lot of people there waiting for a parade. We stayed only for a little bit, because it was too crowded.

Later that day, checker and Gloria were invited to Dominic’s sister house for dinner, they were so nice to also extended the invitation to us. We learned to play Mahjong, a very popular Chinese board game. We had so much fun! I even won a couple of times.

Dinner was excellent; the best part was sharing a meal with Chinese people and getting to know them. After a nice dinner we went bowling…hahaha. We had a great time in a 3 lane bowling alley. We had the lanes all to ourselves.


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