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Leaving Chengdu

After a nice morning with pandas, we left to the train station for another long trip. This time we bought the top sleepers, to see if we liked them. On previous trips, we had taken the bottom and middle berths. The tops berths in my opinion were better than the middle berths, because they are more private, once you are up there, nobody bothers you. On the down side you could not sit, because there was not enough head room, same as the middle berth. Ou conclusion we prefer the bottom berth with ample space to sit and a table!

We walked to the closest subway station, and rode the brand new subway system all the way to the train station. Again we found a train station full of people; the holiday was still going on. We already knew the technique; we had to walk all the way to the front of the line cutting off everybody in front of us…it is just the way in China. We had to be in our compartment quick in order to get the corridor table.

As we are waiting in front to the gates to board the train, the employee opened a set of different gates. OMG everybody started changing lines and pushing, it was like a concert in Peru (hahaha). This is the first time we saw a Chinese person get really upset and shout. This guy was being pushed in all directions by people wanting to board the train.  

We watch a documentary “The last train home” which shows the harsh reality of poor Chinese families struggling get out of poverty and put their kids through school by moving away and working in the cities. The Documentary shows the big migration of people and the craziness in the train stations during holidays.

We finally made it to the train safe and took the corridor table. We had our noodle soup for dinner and went up to our berths. We stayed there until the next day. It was a too much of a hassle to go up and down; I watch a movie in the netbook to entertained myself.


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