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Walking Around Chengdu, China

Ryan got in touch with his friends living in Kunming, so Ryan immediately wanted to go there. The train from Xian to Kunming was 36 hours; therefore, we decided to break it into 2 shorter trips and went to Chendu.

Chengdu turned out to be the gateway to Tibet, which was perfect for us, since we were planning to go there.  However, we realized that going to Tibet was going to be very expensive; only tickets were about $1000 RT for each; we had to get a permit, which took time; and we didn’t really have enough time to go, because we were adding Kunming to our itinerary and we had lost some days in Beijing.

We arrived early to Chengdu train station, where we bought our next ticket to Kunming. Then we took the subway and walked to the traffic Inn Hostel, which was recommended to us by other travellers. The hostel was nice clean and the staff was really helpful.  

The first day we just enjoyed a walk around the city. We went to Tianfu Square, where we saw the statue of Mao. Later we went to the People’s Park, where people of all ages were singing, dancing, exercising, drinking tea, playing and so on. The Park was full and there were activities for all.


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