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Sichuan Opera in Chengdu, China

I had been trying to convince Ryan to go to a Chinese Opera since Beijing, but he didn’t want to. There was not much to do in Chengdu, so we decided to go see the Sichuan Opera. I dress up with my only pair of jeans and my only nice top, and put on some make up for a change.

We were picked up by a driver and dropped off at the theater, where we were served hot tea. It was so hot, that we didn’t even touch the tea. A few minutes later we were ushered to our seats.

The Sichuan Opera was amazing. It was in Chinese, but some parts were translated into English and some part you just didn’t need translation. The show was divided in several segments and none of them was too long or boring. Even Ryan, who was reluctant to go enjoyed it.

The presenter would talk for 10 minutes in Chinese and 1 minute in English. We saw hand shadows show; spitting fire and changing faces (artist changed masks seamlessly), opera solo, Puppet show, Rolling oil Lamp (comedy).


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