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King Han Jing Di Tomb

We really wanted to go to the King Han Jing Di Tomb, highly recommended on lonely planet guide, but we needed at least 4 people to arrange the tour and more people to make it cheaper. We posted a sign on the hostel for people to join us. We were lucky enough to get 8 people in the group.

The driver didn’t speak much english, so we used an audio guide for the tour. This museum was designed to receive a lot of people; however it was almost empty when we visited. You get to walk on a glass surface on top of the burial pits. At the end of t exhibit, you walk along side one of the burial pits. This was amazing, you get to experience the scale of it and see the amount and  layers of buried objects.

Also, there is a small movie with holograms and props, which was extraordinarily well done! We really enjoyed it even though it was in chinese.

The tour also included a second museum, with additional pottery and history exhibits.

I have to say, that I agree with lonely planet; this is one of the most underrated attractions in Xian

We were leaving Xian at 4pm, so we boarded the tour bus with all our belongings, and the bus dropped us off at the train station after the tour!


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