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Another Train… And Noodle Soup

It was time again to leave; even though we loved Xian…we had to keep going, if we wanted to get to Tibet.

The train station was full again; people sleeping on the floor… and it was hot!  After the gate was opened, everybody started rushing and we did too. This time we had the hard sleeper berths and not first class, so we wanted to make sure we got space for our suitcases in front of us. When we arrived to our berths, we were the first there, so we got to claim our spaces. There were six berths per area, 3 stacked on top of each other. We noticed people were seating on the bottom berths even if they were not theirs. I laid down on my berth…nobody was able to sit hahaha.

On our first train ride we noticed all the Chinese people eating the instant noodle soups, so we got our own in the market for 3.4 Yuen. The same soups were sold in the train for 10 Yuen. I was think I should under cut them and sell them for 8 Yuen hahaha. We ate the noodles and really liked them. The train has a hot water container so people can make their soup.

There were train vendors passing  by every 10 minutes selling anything you can think of, fruits, soups, breakfast cereal, candy, toothbrushes; it was like watching infomercials live! At 10pm, the lights are turned off and everybody goes to sleep. However, at 6am everybody starts making noise moving, talking, babies crying…you can’t sleep anymore.


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