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Hi, Hello, Excuse Me…Terracotta Warriors Tour

We had the funniest tour guide ever! Yaya, her western name, Lady Yaya…hahaha. She was so animated, that kept us entertained and alert. Every time Yaya wanted our attention or at the beginning of a sentence, she started with:” Hi, hello, excuse me” it was hilarious!

The tour bus took us to the site, where for an extra charge; we rode a tram to the actual pits. We started the tour in the smallest pit and walked our way to the largest and more impressive one.

Each of the 7000 the terracotta warriors is unique; each one has a different face, and the details are truly impressive. They are still excavating the tomb and restoring warriors. There are 4 different types of warriors in different positions and ranks and 2 types of horses. All of them were found in pieces, because the roof collapsed. Yaya told us and they will be working at least 30 years more to restore all the warriors. However, there is only one warrior, called the miracle warrior, which was found intact. It was the kneeling Archer.

One of our tour mates was a lady from the UK, who rode her bike from England, thru Europe and Russia all the way to China… funny thing she smokes too! We exchanged travel tips and she gave us her subway/bus card with a lot of credit for Shanghai!  

We all had a communal lunch, not included in the tour, but it was delicious…and a lot of meat; my favorite was the bamboo dish.


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