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Biking on Xian’s City Wall

Although we were probably over budget for the day, we decided to still visit Xian City Wall that surrounds the old city. We rented a tandem bike; it was fun, but not as easy as we thought!

We picked the perfect time; around 5pm. When we climb up the wall, it was bright and impressive; when we left it was dark and beautifully lit. We enjoyed a nice sunset with wonderful city views.  

The city wall entrance fee was a little pricey; moreover, you have to rent a bike up there, they don’t let you bring your own. We got a bike for the typical 100 minutes. As we started cruising, we made several stops to take pictures of the city, the gates, and temples. About 60 minutes in and as the sun was coming down, we realized that we were not even have way. We started racing, we decided we were not going to pay extra. At the end, we made it on time, but we really got a workout out of it!

Since I was behind Ryan, I couldn’t see anything. We keep going over big bumps, which hurt me. Ryan failed to warn me, so I kept sticking my head to the side, which caused the bike to steer the other way and Ryan kept yelling at me to stop it. It was fun!


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