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Big Goose Pagoda Night Show

We were like the energizer bunnies, we had only arrived in the morning and we wanted to keep going. We read about the FREE Big Goose Pagoda Night Show, also recommended by locals, so decided to go.

We took an interesting bus ride, in which a lady started vomiting next to us. I warned Ryan about it as I lifted my feet, but he didn’t listen and he was splashed a little. I had to run to the front of the bus to avoid puking too. Luckily the show was a water show and Ryan was able to wash off.

The show was really good, with big water fountains, music, and lighting. I felt for a minute like we were in Vegas or Disney. Needless to say, the plaza was filled with tour groups and local photographers, capitalizing of the photo opportunities. We still had a great time fighting the crowds to get a nice view of the show.

On our way back to the hostel, we stopped at the super market to get some snacks and drinks to keep our budget down. We found some interesting things, including vacuum sealed packages of seasoned chicken feet.

Our Hostel was located right next to the city walls, so we got great night shots.


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