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The Summer Palace

We woke up early, packed up and left for a morning visit to the Summer Palace. We had heard mixed reviews from our fellow travellers, so we didn’t know if we were going to like it.

As soon as we enter the palace, we loved it!  We entered through the north entrance, not the main entrance, so it was less crowded. Also, we had awesome views down to the lake. The palace main areas were beautifully restored, it was so amazing.

I saw a nice coin that I liked, I asked for the price, they told me 40 Yuen, I counter offered 20 Yuen, they said no. As I walked away, they told me ok, ok, ok. I was so happy, thinking I’m a great bargainer! They even engraved my name on the coin for free! Later that day, I saw the same coin in a different shop for 15 Yuen; ha ha ha, I could have gotten the coin for 10 Yuen. By the way, 20 Yuen is about 3.5USD.

We had a great time, but we had to leave early to catch our train to Xian.


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