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The Forbidden City

By this time, we could hardly leave the hostel before 9am. Our days of waking up at 6am are over!

We started the day eating stuffed buns. We found this place around the corner of our hostel; it was always busy so we decided to try it. The buns were delicious and they only cost 1 Yuen (15 cents) each, so we bought 4 for each…so cheap!

Finally, it was not raining and the day was beautiful, it was time to visit the Forbidden City! There was only one problem…it was Sunday and a holiday, in other words, we had to share the site with local tourists, Chinese tourist groups, and foreigners… and a lot of them.

The Forbidden City was impressive; we got an audio guide that taught us about the history, meaning of each area. I couldn’t stop taking pictures; the palaces have been beautifully restored. The buildings are so detailed, and the colors are bright and bold!


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