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Afternoon Around Beijing

After about 4 hours of fighting the crowds in the Forbidden City, we decided to do something less popular, we went looking for the CCTV Tower, designed by Rem Coolhaus. We took a break for lunch, we stopped at a busy dumplings restaurant, luckily they had a menu in English.

Later, we took the metro, and walked until we arrived to the location according to the map…the building was nowhere to be found. We asked a local and he pointed out that the tower we were in front of, was the OLD CCTV tower…GREAT!

As we are looking at the map looking for the new tower, I noticed a big structure that looked familiar. We realized it was used for the Olympics, it was the China Millenium Monument.  Behind the museum there was a park, where people fly kites, this kites were really high… it was cool!

Another subway, more walking, and we arrived in the business area; deserted on a Sunday! We turn around and the building is right there; however, it is surrounded by a big construction wall. Later we learned that the building next door had a fire and they are redoing the whole site. It was still worth it, we saw this amazing building!


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