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Farewell to The Philippines

Time flies when you are having fun! and we were having so much fun! It is now time to say goodbye to the Philippines.

We didn’t want to exchange more money right before leaving. So we had a banana for breakfast and we negociated a taxi to the airport with the last 200 pesos we had. 

At the Airport, we realised we had to pay for the Airport departure tax. At this point, we had no pesos left, but luckily they accepted dollars.

Once we boarded the plane, we saw the business class seats and wished we were seating there! It was really cool!

This flight was a short one to Hong Kong, where we would take another flight to Beijing. We were very excited to land in the famous Chek Lap Kok Airport, built on reclaimed land, which we both used as a precendet for our thesis. It was a first class Airport, rated number one in the world. It had charging stations on every row, free wifi, and a lot of room to seat. The Airport Architect was Foster and Partners.

Later that day, we boarded our flight to Beijing. We love flight entertaiment; each person has it’s own screen, and you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. We were able to see the airplane wheels land in Beijing through our personal tv screen. That was really cool!

I have to say that beijing Airport was really nice too, with really high and ondulation ceilings. This airport was also designed by Foster and Partners.

We took our time and went to the restrooms, and enjoyed the airport. When we got to the inmigration boths, they were all closed except for one. We forgot to fill out our forms, and we were doing it as fast as we could. 

I think they were in a hurry to close the lines, because when we got there, the inmigration official took my unfinished forms, signed it for us, and told us keep going.


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