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China: “Lost in Translation”

Have you ever seen the movie “Lost in Translation” , when the main character is given 1-minute worth of instructions to pose for a photoshoot, and the translation was “show more intensity”…

This is the way we felt, as soon as we left the inmigration counter and  found ourselves unable to communicate. …sign language?…doesn’t work…even numbers are different in chinese sign language.

Thank God for Bejing 2008 Olympics,  which left all directional signs translated to english. That’s how we found our way to the train that connects the airport to the subway and after a long walk, we arrived at Leo Hostel. We quickly realized that distances shown in our Beijing map were huge, one block in the map was about 30-min. walk.

The hostel was overall ok, restrooms were kind of bad (check the picture below that shows the shower conections…up to code), but the best part was the ambiance, we met really nice people, that we later meet again in other places. The restaurant had decent food, and big screen TV with a computer full of any movie you ever want to watch. Leo Hostel is located really close to Beijing’s mayor attractions.

I think in China travellers are friendly, because it is really hard to communicate and we know we only have each other for advise and support.


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