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Banaue Day 2 – Rice, Rice and More Rice

Ryan and I were woken up by a stampede of Chinese tourist arriving at 5am. It seemed like the hostel walls were made of cardboard. We booked a second rice terraces trip with Oliver and Christine. Our new tour guide assured us this trip was flat. By this time, our muscles hurt everywhere. We started the tour going to the Hungduan rice Terraces, followed by a visit to Hiwang Village, and ending with a visit to the famous Banaue Viewpoint, featured in the 1000 pesos bill. Of course, the trip included some more hiking…but it was certainly easier than the day before. Christine and I kept complaining about our legs on every step. Ryan and I were happy to meet another couple, around our age, that shared our interests. After the tour, we went back to our hostels and took a shower and went to the bus station. We all had the same bus ticket to Manila. In the bus, Christine shared with us her travel tips for Thailand;  we exchanged info and hopefully one day we met again! 


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