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Banau and it’s Rice Terraces

Our bus company was called Florida…isn’t that funny? We were not lucky enough to get one of the new buses; instead we got one with air freshener. Ryan & I were prepared with our neck pillows and Blankets, which made the 10-hour trip somewhat comfortable. According to Ryan, our bus blew a tire in the middle of the night, and we were stopped for about 2 hours…I slept through it.

We stayed at the People’s Lodge…what can I say about it?… It was cheap. We met our tour guide Jim at the lobby, who negotiated with me until I book a trip with him. This was a full day trip to Batad Rice Terraces, or so we thought. Little did we know that this was a die-hard-hike or a hike to die for…literately; I almost died.

The tour started with a Jeepney taking us to Batad, about 1-hour away from Banaue. Then we went downhill walking, until we arrived at a restaurant. We decided to have lunch first and then continue the hike. Here we met a group of tourists, which just returned from the hike. They gave us some words of encouragement…”Don’t do it!” We thought we are here…let’s do it! After a nice lunch we headed down…and down…and down…it never ended. The views were amazing; I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the amphitheater style terraces. After about 2 hours, we finally made it to Tappiyah Falls. We rested for a little and then started our way back up. After about half an hour hike, I started asking myself…whose idea was this??? It was mine…so I shifted my energy to start asking… are we there yet? I couldn’t believe it when we arrived to the top. I was completely wet in sweat from head to toe, but we made it!!! It was the best feeling ever, Ryan and I agreed, we would never hike rice terraces again. We returned to Banau, took a much needed shower and went for dinner with our new soon to be friends Oliver and Christine at Vegas Restaurant.


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