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Surviving the Heat of Manila

Our Bus to Banau left late in the evening, so we had some more time in Manila. We had to get ready for the country side by spraying our clothing with strong insect repellant. After, we need it to leave the clothes drying for at least 2hrs.  

The heat in the middle of the day is strong, so we took refuge at the closest mall…heavenly air conditioned!!! We window shopped for a little bit making time to watch the parade later. We found Paris Hilton and Katie Holmes stores. The mall was a maze, and in the food court we found a balut fast food stand. Balut is an egg that has a chicken half developed. We were going to eat it, but once we got the stand we lost our appetite.

Later, we walked to Roxas Blvd to watch the parade, we saw many street vendors strolling up and down the street, selling from balloons, to popcorn, to fried squid on a stick. The parade finally started one hour late, but it was very nice…we had a good time.

After the parade we went back to the hostel took a shower and went to the busy bus station to take the bus to Banau.


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