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Boracay, the most beautiful Beach in Asia

We couldn’t go the Philippines and not go to the famous Boracay. Many people say Boracay is spoiled by the massive amount of tourism. Even though it was crowded at times, it was still a paradise. The palms along the beach help screen the commercial activities everywhere. 

Boracay was beautiful, but getting there was half the fun. First we took a flight with Cebu Pacific Airlines, a small carrier like Spirit Airlines in the US. We couldn’t bring our suitcases because the ticket didn’t include them… hahaha; we just brought 2 bags with clothes. After check-in, we had to weight ourselves, apparently to balance the small plane. Once in Caticlan, a really small airport, with no terminal under construction, we could take a taxi or walk a couple of blocks to get to the boat terminal. In the boat terminal you have to buy your boat ticket, pay an environmental fee, and pay a Terminal fee. After getting your boarding pass, (that you return 2 steps further) you board a typical Filipino boat with supports on the sides. It was hilarious! After arriving to Boracay you are approached by many tourist guides, They say… to help you book a hotel. Then you take a Tricycle to the access street of your accommodation and then you have to walk. Quite an adventure! But as soon as you see the beautiful beach you understand why we had to go.

We arrived about 6am and we check-in in a small hostel in the south area of white beach, off the main street. We started our day by walking around the beach looking for breakfast. We walked and walked and walked…the beach never ended. I stopped and got a mango Shake (Shakes are very popular in Philippines) and Ryan ordered a Halo halo, a typical Filipino dessert. We realized we had not even gotten to the half point of the beach.

We kept walking all day exploring the white beach, D’mall (the mall), and Willy’s Rock in the north area.  White beach is the main attraction and were the magic happens…all the nice resorts, and restaurants are located along the beach. On the way back, we took a tricycle, but we didn’t know exactly where the hostel was. We had to walk, but it was ok because we discovered D’Market.

The afternoon was really nice, we laid on the beach, sun tanned, and even fell asleep. The water was perfect temperature for swimming. Later that day, I got a massage ($10)…priceless!!!


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