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Discovering The Philippines

When we arrived to Manila we didn’t even have a hostel to go to. We thought “it’s not going to be that hard, they speak english.” Oh boy we were so wrong. The airport didn’t have internet, we didn’t have a guide, and not everybody speaks english. as we exit the aiport everybody is askig us if we had a hotel, even the security guards are trying to sells us a hotel, it was such a change from Australia and New Zealand.

We finally chose a hostel from Lonely planet (the first one on the list) and got a taxi to Pension Natividad in Malate, an area really close to the center and intramuros.

The first day we just settled in the hostel and walked around the area looking for a restaurant. Its true what they say, “location, location, location”… our hostel was located one block from the Diamond Hotel (very nice, 5 stars), Two blocks further, you find the ritzy mall and apartments. However, two  blocks the other way, we found ourselves in the red light district…  hahaha we turned around and walk back the way we came.


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