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Big crabs, Vaccinations and Fast Food.

We spent another night in Hervey Bay, and woke up early. We had a long drive, and when I say “we” I mean Ryan hahaha. Our goal was to arrive in Airlie Beach before dark, but had to make a stop half way to get our 3rd vaccination shot (we didn’t have time at home to finish the shots). On the way to Rockhampton, Ryan stopped for gas and we encounter “THE BIG CRAB”…it wasn’t that big, hahaha.  We made it on time…peruvian time… to the walk-in clinic. The doctor saw us for 5 min (together) and asked us 3 questions, we paid 2 consultations at $55 each, then the nurse gave us the shot (very painful…my arm hurt for 3 days) and we paid the nurse fees, and on top of that the vaccination cost…thank god for my HSA account.

Mission accomplished!

We had lunch at a local fast food restaurant called Red Rooster and continued our drive north to Airlie Beach.


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