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Crickey!…it’s time for the Australia Zoo

We left Brisbane early and drove to Beerwah (in the middle of nowhere) to go to the Australia Zoo, late Steve Irwin, crocodile Hunter’s zoo. I was so excited!!! I wanted to finally be able to hold a Koala (illegal in NSW) Also Ryan and I were looking forward going to the Crocoseum, where Irwin just to do the crocodile show.

It seems that we spent a lot of our time in Australia in zoos, but we wanted to see the many animals that only exist in Australia (mostly marsupials). We were able to feed the elephants, that was a cool experience. Some of the rare animals we saw are: red pandas, wombats, otters, tasmanian devils and of course koalas & Kangaroos.

The Zoo has an area below the crocoseum that has a memorial for Steve Irwin, with pictures and letters… I almost cried…Australians really loved Steve.

Ryan had a really good time changing the pronunciation of “crickey” everytime I asked him how to pronounce it.


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