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Sydney – 2nd Day

Our first day in Sydney, was not that fun. we spent some hours at the airport researching hostels, reserving, and deciding, if we wanted to rent a car or a campervan. we reserved a hotel with a giftcard I had. (nice to be in a hotel for once) we did laundy in the tub hahaha. Then we walked around, but it was raining. The second day, the weather was nice, but we spent most of the day, changing to a hostel, and looking for the campervan rental. finally, at almost 5pm we rented a Jucy Campervan…you will see pics later. We found ourselves in front of a sign that said Bondi Beach…we said lets go! after a train, and a bus ride, we finally made it…the famous Bondi Beach… I guess famous for Ryan, i never heard of it, but apparently a big surfing destination! we had a good time, walking around and enjoying the views.


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